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Want to increase sales? Energy is the answer.

Does this sound familiar? Your brand has big impact on a local, national or global scale, while bringing in a healthy revenue stream. You have accomplished salespeople on the frontlines, and the team is running like a well-oiled machine (most of the time).. Nevertheless, there’s something keeping you from hitting that next level. You’re finding success, but perhaps you’re hitting a wall.  

One big roadblock for companies today is that employees just aren’t engaged. Today, 70 percent of employees in the U.S. aren’t engaged at work, according to a recent Gallup report. This creates a huge problem for managers who are tasked with growing revenue and better serving customers and clients.

Fact: Engaged salespeople produce more sales. Companies with highly engaged team members see a 20% increase in sales productivity when compared to companies with lower levels of employee engagement (Gallup).

So what does this mean for you? For starters, to foster exponential growth, it’s time to stop evaluating performance using old-fashioned metrics and start focusing on what really matters — energy.

Energy is the single most important resource in a seller’s toolkit, and if she’s depleted of energy and running on fumes, she is not at peak performance — and she’s certainly not engaged.  

Salespeople become engaged when their needs are met, both at work and in their personal lives — when they are balanced, present, and maintaining the level of energy required to excel. It’s time to start integrating the principles of balance and energy management into sales strategies to increase engagement and fuel the bottom line.

Making the shift.

My workshop-style approach invites salespeople to a participatory process where they are discovering what motivates them, as individuals, to engage at high levels, even in the most demanding and high-octane sales environments.

Providing tools widely used by top business leaders, peak-performance athletes and world-class coaches, I will teach your team proven methods to increase sales by engaging with higher levels of awareness, emotional intelligence and intention.

By focusing on key tactics of energy management and mindfulness, I’ll help you to untangle the deep institutional habits that keep your salespeople disengaged. Together, we will draw them back to a focused, energized state. We’ll inspire them to make incremental changes that compound to create a massive shift in engagement, productivity and sales.

The results:

  • A more engaged sales team — which, as studies show, leads to increased sales
  • A roadmap for maintaining your new approach to selling
  • A motivated, inspired team with unprecedented power to convert


Ways to work with Allison

Half-Day Intensive
Private half-day workshop to introduce principles of energy management and mindfulness to your team — the perfect introduction to these essential tools, or an effective course-corrector to refocus your hard-working sellers.

Full-Day Immersion
With a full-day training, I will work with you in advance to identify team challenges and craft a customized day to meet your specific needs. Together, we will formulate a new strategy to tackle old challenges, incorporating the essential principles of energy management and mindfulness — one that will leave your sales team feeling engaged, focused, and ready to crush their goals.

Customized Consulting

Successful businesses and their sales teams come with a unique set of needs and challenges. I understand that. That’s why I offer custom consulting tailored to your specific business that meets your needs and goals. Although employee disengagement is a real problem in organizations, and particularly among salespeople, it’s one I can help solve. Let’s work together to implement proven strategies that can help increase the engagement of your salespeople, thereby helping your company grow its bottom line.

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