#SalesBreakthrough: Good, Better, Best Goals

Each week, I open for “office hours” over in my closed #SalesBreakthrough Facebook group— a chance for entrepreneurs to get their questions answered in real time. Last week, I received a number of questions around the best way to set goals for new program and product launches — one of my favorite topics!

For some entrepreneurs, like me, goal setting gets me hyped up and ready to go.

For other entrepreneurs, goal setting causes anxiety. They are afraid to set goals that are too high, for fear they won’t reach them — and they’re afraid to set goals that are too low, for fear that’s all they will achieve.

Quite a conundrum.

Regardless of which category you fall into, I have a solution for you: Setting “Good, Better, Best” goals.  In a nutshell, this includes setting tiered goals that allow you to set realistic sales goals and celebrate along the way!

For all the juicy details on this topic, plus a few other sales tips, check out the replay below.


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