In Allison’s live talks, she reveals why shifting to a new sales approach is the future of business, and how you can start adopting effective techniques now. See her signature talks below, and note that customized talks are also available upon request.


For three years, Allison has been teaching A.L.I.G.N. to entrepreneurs and sales teams wishing to convert more of their sales conversations into clients. In this talk, Allison focuses on key strategies and mindset techniques of consultative sales, a must-know for any entrepreneur or salesperson. Allison’s easy and powerful A.L.I.G.N. system will empower sellers of all stripes to lead effective sales conversations and close more business with confidence and ease.

Authentic Selling

It’s time to rethink our approach to work and selling. In this talk, Allison shares why it’s critical to shift the way we sell in order to: 1) drive the success of passion-fueled businesses, 2) feel the power of authentic communication vs. “putting your sales hat on,” and 3) create more effective sales conversations through her core approach.

Connect with Your Value

One of our greatest barriers to success can be losing sight of our worth. In this workshop-style talk, Allison guides the audience in developing clarity about their unique value propositions and empowers them to communicate authentically and powerfully.

Monetize Your Brand

Designed specifically for entrepreneurs seeking to diversify revenue and grow their businesses. This talk is customized to cover everything from how to monetize your digital properties, expand through partnerships, leverage social media influencer programs, design event sponsorships, utilize affiliate marketing and more.

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