#SalesBreakthrough: Respond Rapidly

She almost had me.

I found the most bad-ass health coach online, and I was ecstatic to see that she sees clients just a few short blocks from my new apartment. It was fate! I finally found my person, the expert I’d been seeking to help me turn it all around.

I was filled with hope.

I followed her on every social feed. I watched every YouTube video. I read every detail of her packaging and pricing. I studied my budget to figure out how I’d pay for it. I filled out the form to work with her. I checked my email every couple hours, credit card at the ready, eager to get started with my new, amazing coach!

Crickets. Silence. No response.

That was Thursday. Today is Sunday. No word, nothing.

With every day that passes, this coach is losing my emotional momentum to sign up, which she should be harnessing! Potential clients will find a million excuses not to invest in themselves, so when they’re ready to buy, please be ready to sell.

Your potential clients need you — when they reach out, they are saying, “I’m ready.” Don’t let ‘em down. 

Furthermore, on Friday, I received an email from a different coach with a new offering in the health realm. After a few quick back-and-forth emails — bing-bang-boom — I’m signed up for her program. Clearly, I was ready to take action, and the coach who was ready to move forward with me got my business.

What is the moral of the story? Mark my words, if you’re lagging in response time, you’re losing money. 

Whether you’re a coach, consultant or corporate salesperson — your response time directly affects your close rate.

Let me be clear about something: We are all busy. Did I expect this coach to drop everything she was doing and call me on the spot? No. Is it possible that she’s just really busy? Yep. Could it be that she’s having a personal emergency, and this lag time is atypical? Absolutely.

Does any of the above change the fact that the wind is out of my sails? Not really.

And I’ll tell you why: All of this could be remedied with a simple follow-up strategy that gives the entrepreneur time to respond while allowing the client to feel nurtured. For instance:

  • If you are having difficulty responding in a timely manner (24 hours or less), implement an online scheduling tool like Acuity or Calendly to allow potential clients to schedule their consultation calls themselves. Even if you don’t have any availability for weeks, this is a great strategy — it says to the potential client that you are in high demand!
  • Better yet, if your offering doesn’t require a consultation, create an option to take a credit card right then and there. I’m telling you: I would have booked and paid for an initial session with this coach on the spot, had she given me the option.

Your Challenge This Week:

Tighten up your response time. This may look like responding personally in a shorter amount of time — or, it could look like putting some digital response strategies into place. Maybe this is even the wake-up call you’ve been waiting for to finally pull the trigger on hiring some help.

I’ll say it again, because it bears repeating: If you’re lagging in response time, you’re losing money.

On behalf of all potential clients who are excited to work with you, I beg you — get back to them more quickly!

The Results:

Tightening up your response time will create at least two powerful outcomes:

  • You will hear more “YES!” Asking for the sale when a prospective client is most optimistic, excited and hopeful will, without a doubt, lead to increased business.
  • Your client relationships will get off to a fantastic start. Reliability and trust are proven traits that keep clients coming back and referring other business your way — building a strong rapport from the beginning will ensure more consistency in your business.

Happy selling!

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