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I just spent the weekend in the gorgeous little city of Beacon, New York. Nestled in the Hudson Highlands, on the eastern bank of the Hudson River, Beacon is a singular sensation in fall — fiery foliage, crisp air and plenty of wildlife to soothe even the most bedraggled city dwellers (like me).

There are many ways to get to Beacon — you could drive or take a train, and you could enter from the north, south, east or west. Easy to find on any map.

Why am I telling you this? 

Well, every great destination needs to be accessible for people to find it. There needs to be a roadmap to get there, and ideally there would be several ways to navigate to the same place. 

As business owners, we spend A LOT of time creating destinations — getting our branding just right, creating websites, writing blogs, building programs, shoring up our operations and customer experiences.

But how much time do we spend creating the roads, railways and maps to drive people to our destinations?

The answer is not enough

It makes perfect sense — we like to stay in our comfort zones, so we focus on the “destinations” rather than the sales work necessary to make sure we have a steady highway of leads and customers coming through. 

But what if we could embrace building the road and drawing the map? What if it wasn’t so daunting? 

If you recognize yourself in this — if you know you’re not spending enough time on business development and client attraction — I urge you to join me on Wednesday for this month’s Sales Roundtable

On Wednesday, October 21 at 1pm ET, join me for a discussion with Michelle Warner, business designer and founder of Networking That Pays — the introvert-friendly, always awkward-free connection system that brings in reliable leads, consistent referrals and meaningful connections for your business (in 5 minutes a day).

Michelle and I will discuss how to leverage networking for sales in 2020 — ensuring at least one well-mapped road for your ideal clients to find you!


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