Sales Breakthrough

For entrepreneurs and small businesses ready to take control of the sales process and accelerate their success. 

If you’re anything like my clients, you deserve a big round of applause! You’ve built a business out of your passion, and the response has been positive — you have a proven service or offering, and you’ve done a pretty darn good job of attracting clients.

But here’s the issue: Most of your business has been word-of-mouth or by referral, which isn’t a bad thing — but now you’re ready to grow, and you have very little control over the amount of business coming in.

When referrals slow down, or when you have an exciting new offering to share, you don’t know where to start, and you feel…

Out of your comfort zone.
You got into business to serve people and the world, not to do sales.

Nervous and unsure.
You’ve tried different sales approaches in the past that have left you feeling awkward and inept.

Frustrated and exhausted.
You’re working so hard, juggling so much — but you’re still not seeing enough business come in to reach your big goals. 

And yet, you also feel…

Excited and hopeful.
You know you have an awesome offering, and despite the challenges, you’re committed to success.

Ain’t nothing gonna hold you back — you’re determined to gain the strategies and skills needed to fulfill your vision.

Introducing Sales Breakthrough…

High-touch consulting and coaching to help
successful entrepreneurs and small businesses accelerate growth by:

  1. Creating winning sales and business development strategies based on your market, offerings, ideal customers — and, most importantly, your personality and values
  2. Giving you the skills and support needed to execute these strategies with ease and confidence

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What’s working and what’s not…

When you’re anxious for growth but unsure where to start, here’s what doesn’t work:

  • Playing the ostrich. As a business owner, you have many demands on your time and attention. It can be really easy to ignore areas you dislike, like business development and sales. But sticking your head in the sand won’t get you where you want to go, and the world needs what you’re selling!
  • Hiring a salesperson. Whether you hire at a junior- or senior-level, bringing in a salesperson without a clear sales strategy and approach to building business will lose you time and money. Even the best salespeople struggle without clear direction.
  • Going for the fast fix. I’ve seen way too many of my clients get burned by investing in inexperienced coaches or digital solutions for getting leads (think automated LinkedIn selling or courses that promise to make you millions of dollars). Don’t buy into the hype!

Here’s what does work:

  • Good, old-fashioned sales skills. Learning sales skills is what separates great entrepreneurs from good entrepreneurs. Once you’re able to confidently sell your vision and offerings, you become unstoppable. With me, you will identify the selling techniques that feel most aligned and natural to you, then we’ll apply them to a winning sales strategy, crafted specifically for your business.
  • A great coach. Selling is a contact sport, and any coach worth her salt should be willing to get into the ring with you. Low-touch teaching and hands-off consulting doesn’t work here — I roll up my sleeves and work with you, in real time, to devise strategies, write collateral, pitch new business and negotiate your worth.
  • Authenticity. Sales doesn’t come easily to everyone — sometimes it can feel downright terrifying. But that’s because you’ve been conditioned to believe you must be pushy, icky and impersonal to sell, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, being great at sales means integrating the best parts of yourself into the process. Take it from me, a successful sales professional who is also a socially-anxious introvert!

I want a Sales Breakthrough! How does it work?

In this three-month consulting and coaching hybrid, we will:

  • Get clear on your offerings, pricing and goals
  • Co-create structured and scalable sales strategies that feel aligned with your mission, personality and strengths
  • Upgrade your sales skills and systems as needed so that you can deliver on your new sales strategies with confidence
  • Work closely on day-to-day selling — think of me as your “on-demand” VP of Sales, helping you navigate opportunities and challenges as they arise


What will I gain?

  • Newfound confidence in selling and business development
  • A clear understanding of what works to grow your business (and what doesn’t)
  • A whole slew of new skills that feel abundant and exciting, from prospecting and understanding your sales funnel, to pitching, closing and negotiating with ease


How is Sales Breakthrough structured?

  • Initial half-day deep dive to assess the current state of your sales organization
  • Weekly sales meetings to keep you on track and supported
  • Ongoing communication in between meetings to help you practice what you’re learning and close business in real time
  • Access to my sales experience, knowledge and vast library of resources — literally anything you need to build and execute your unique sales strategies

A note on customization: Every business is unique, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to sales. Depending on your needs, our work could include on-boarding a new salesperson or practicing how to sell from the stage — we will determine the best strategies for you, then implement! 

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