Want to increase sales? Engagement is the answer.

Managers are hearing a lot about engagement these days. When employees are disengaged and feeling lost, productivity takes a nosedive. For salespeople — even the most accomplished ones — lack of engagement and alignment can lead to missed revenue targets and dissatisfied customers, resulting in a big hit to the company.

What’s the problem? 

70% of employees in the U.S. aren’t engaged at work
When employees aren’t engaged, sales productivity can see a 20% dip

34% turnover in the sales world
Turnover makes it challenging for sales managers to get ahead

77% of buyers believe salespeople don’t understand their business
When salespeople are disengaged and heading for the door, clients feel it

What’s the answer?

ALIGN Sales Training is a modern approach to sales training that combines today’s crucial sales skills with energy management tools that keep your salespeople engaged, productive and high performing. 

Companies with highly engaged team members see a 20% increase in sales productivity
when compared with lower levels of employee engagement.

Salespeople are fully engaged when:

  • Their personal goals are in harmony with their sales goals
  • They are confident in their sales skills, product and pitch
  • They feel energized, renewed and purposeful


Making the shift.

My workshop-style approach invites salespeople to a participatory process where they discover what motivates them, as individuals, to engage at high levels, even in the most demanding and high-octane sales environments.

I work together with sales management and teams to identify skillsets that need improvement and bring a fresh approach to sales skills training that actually moves the needle (instead of putting your sellers to sleep).

The focus:

  • Building and owning a robust pipeline and territory
  • Closing business with a hybrid consultative/challenger approach
  • Discovering their “why” and learning key tools to show up every day with the purpose and energy needed to sustain high performance

By focusing on key areas of energy management and mindfulness, I help untangle the deep institutional habits that keep salespeople disengaged (and under-performing). Together, we will draw your salespeople back to a focused, energized state. We’ll inspire them to make incremental changes that compound to create a massive shift in engagement, productivity and sales.

The results:

  • A more engaged sales team, leading to increased sales
  • A roadmap for maintaining your new approach to selling
  • A motivated, inspired team with unprecedented power to convert

To see specific training modules and discuss your team’s needs, book a session with me!

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