Allison is transforming how entrepreneurs and companies approach sales — and creating powerful results. Here’s what people are saying:

Jake Kahana, Cofounder of Caveday

Working with Allison on our B2B outreach was invaluable. After only one deep-dive session, we had a short-term prospecting plan that felt doable and exciting.

Using Allison’s recommendations and templates, our efforts netted one immediate sale, more than a 50% response rate and more meetings in the pipeline. We’re thrilled with our results. She totally understood our business needs and pain points. If you’re a business owner struggling with the sales process, you NEED to consult with Allison.

Nancy Levin, Best-Selling Author, Master Coach and Trainer

I launched Levin Life Coach Academy, and I knew I needed Allison to expertly guide me and my team through a detailed sales process that would convert leads to students!

Boy did Allison deliver — and then some! Bringing Allison in was the best launching decision I made. Our sales far exceeded my expectations. Her contribution was invaluable.

I loved every moment of working with Allison and can hardly wait to work with her again! Everything from her knowledge, experience, system implementation, personality, demeanor, attentiveness, responsiveness, etc. instilled me with the confidence I needed to stay in my own zone of genius and allow her to take charge of hers.

I can’t imagine doing anything that involves sales ever again without her guidance!

Lily Womble, Founder of Date Brazen

Allison completely transformed my business. When we started working together, my pricing was too low — Allison helped me price my services appropriately for the value I bring, plus she taught me how to communicate that value to potential clients. With Allison’s help, I increased the amount of sales calls per month by 200%, increased current client satisfaction, AND had my first 5-figure month.

With her strategies and sales expertise, Allison empowered me to level up quickly and sustainably. Allison works with people who are ready to do the work. If you bring good questions to the table, are willing to get in touch with your big, bold vision and do what she recommends, you will see explosive growth in your business and life!

Julie Harnik, Executive Coach & Facilitator

I started working with Allison because I was ready to move my business forward but knew I needed accountability around sales outreach and strategy. Now, after just six weeks of working together, I’ve seen a definitive lift in quantity and quality of lead conversions. Allison makes sales fun. She is passionate and committed — and she is just as enrolled in your business as you are.

Katelyn Stanis - Owner, Wedding Words

As a new and small business owner, I had been struggling with how to take my sales to the next level. I was also hesitant to hire a coach since past experiences proved not to be valuable. I can say after working with Allison that she is THE coach to hire. She cheered for my successes but she also questioned my ideas and pushed me to try new strategies. After working with Allison for just 6 weeks, I have a clear plan for how to grow my business and manage my sales strategy. And can I just say what a rad human being she is too?! Working with Allison was a fun, positive, and inspiring experience. I know long-term my business will be better for it.

Pooja Kothari, Esq., CEO Boundless Awareness, LLC

Shortly after my session with Allison, I secured my first repeat client. I got that meeting because of her training, and I locked down the business with a sales pitch we practiced! Allison literally showed me how to come across convincingly and confidently to clients. She pointed to stronger language I could use in my pitch that was simply more compelling and empathetic at once. I am so happy I found Allison, and I am thrilled to recommend her!

Elysha Lenkin, Personal Fashion Stylist

Before working with Allison I was lacking sales strategy. It was like I would throw spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick, and my results were inconsistent.  

Allison showed me a new way to approach my sales process, leveraging my current position, strategic planning (& thinking!) and authentic selling. Since working with her I feel more confident around sales, and I have more clarity around what I must do to keep the sales cycle moving. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall!

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