#SalesBreakthrough: The Antidote To Self-Doubt

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of pilates entrepreneurs, and I got the most heartfelt question:

“How do I sell authentically when I’m sitting in self doubt?”

I hear this one a lot. As entrepreneurs, even though we are experts in our fields, we can fall into fear, anxiety and imposter syndrome when it comes time to sell. If we’re not careful, this self-doubt can spiral, sabotaging our sales calls and results.

Over my nearly 20 years of selling, I’ve mastered the antidote to self-doubt, and I’m psyched to share it with you:


Think about it: When we’re swirling in self-doubt and freaking out when it comes time to get on the phone with a potential customer, we’re making it all about ourselves — and successful selling demands that we make it all about the customer.

So, next time self-doubt creeps in, take a deep breath, think about the potential client, and get curious.

Get out of your head and shift your thinking to the customer — what do you want to know about her? What questions could you ask to discover whether or not she’s your ideal client?  What do you most need to know to assess whether or not you could be of service?

Take the focus off of you, and put it on the customer.

Doesn’t that immediately feel better?!

Here’s what I love about curiosity: It’s playful. If you’re present, curious and asking questions, it’s tough to be “wrong.”

And here’s the best part. When you ask questions that motivate your potential client to share, her answers will spark your expertise. Your passion to serve takes over, and all of a sudden you’re contributing to the conversation from your zone of genius — not from your zone of self-doubt.

Action item: If you don’t already have one, make a list of 5-6 open-ended questions that will get the conversation going with a prospect. Having a few of these on hand will increase your confidence, get you into a flow and help you kiss self-doubt goodbye.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!

PS: If you’re an entrepreneur in the New York area, I invite you to join me at my next workshop on 9/19/19! All details here. 

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