#SalesBreakthrough Challenge: Pick Up The Phone

Last year, I met a coach who had created a beautiful group program. She had done everything right — market research, valuable content, gorgeous marketing. And yet, as the deadline to sign up approached, her program wasn’t even half full.

Concerned, I asked her to tell me more about her sales process, thinking that perhaps the offer or pricing was off — but everything she reported sounded good.

Confused, I asked her, “How are you communicating with your prospects?”

Her answer told me everything I needed to know to understand why she wasn’t converting.

“Via email,” she said.

Now, don’t get me wrong — email is GREAT. It has revolutionized how we communicate, enabling us to serve more people and effect more change.

However, if you know me, you know that I believe that 90% of sales is listening. I don’t know about you, but I can’t really listen unless I’m using most of my senses.

Email inhibits my ability to read tone, desire and body language. More importantly, it robs me of the chance to partake in deep inquiry when the prospect is most present and engaged with my offer — an opportunity that is not only good for closing the sale, but also for truly helping the prospective client make an informed decision about my services.

Your Challenge This Week:

Use email and social media messaging apps to start conversations – but finish conversations on the phone, in person or via web conference.

Let’s remember the goal of any sales conversation: To get the client to feel the gap between where she is and where she wants to be — then illustrate how you and your services are the bridge over that gap.

Getting a client to identify the gap takes active inquiry and deep listening during time dedicated to a conversation — something that really can’t be done effectively by bandying emails back and forth.

Not sure how to get the prospect off email or chat? Try something simple like, “Do you have time to hop on a quick call this afternoon? I find it much more helpful to discuss these questions over the phone, as it allows me to better understand your needs and concerns. Do you have 10-15 minutes later today, say around 3pm?”

Alternatively, you can instate an application process for your business or program that slates in time on the phone — whatever keeps you and the client on the hook for actually connecting.

PS: If you’re seeking to sell hundreds or thousands of people into a program, email and digital platforms are a must! However, if you’re working one-on-one, or filling group programs and classes, I strongly urge you to take this challenge seriously — you’re running a personal business that requires personal sales.

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    1. Thanks, Janice — I regularly need this reminder, as well! For me, technology makes it so easy to feel like I’m getting more done and reaching more people. However, sometimes I need to slow down and really connect with a prospect to close the deal.