#SalesBreakthrough: High Vibes Only

As an entrepreneur, what’s your most valuable resource? When I ask this question of my clients, the most common answer I hear is “time,” which is a great thought — time is critically important when planning for revenue success. However, I’d like to suggest a different answer:


You could have all the time in the world, but if you show up for your business and your clients with energy that’s dark, taxed and blocked, your efforts won’t add up to much.

Only when our energy is clean, focused and flowing,  do we show up for our clients in impactful ways that expand business (and revenue).

While there are plenty of ways to keep yourself in powerful energy, this week I want to focus on one very important practice: Working with clients that light you up.

It’s easy to identify the clients that light you up — when you work with them, you feel energized, excited, joyful and motivated. Working with them doesn’t feel like “work.” And a magical thing happens when we work with these high-vibe clients — we attract even more of them!

On the flip-side, when we work with clients that do not light us up, we feel drained, frustrated, low and sluggish — it’s like a client hangover. What’s worse, if we stay in this energy, we’ll attract more of these low-vibe clients. From experience, I can tell you that working in low-vibe environments will almost certainly result in diminished business and lost revenue.

Your Challenge This Week:

Start saying goodbye to your low-vibe clients. 

You might be thinking, “But, Allison, I need all the clients I have — as long as they have a pulse and credit card, I’m keeping them!”

Please, you must trust me: Low-vibe clients are costing you money, not making you money. If you only work with clients that light you up, your bank account will quickly catch on.

Grab your journal, a pen and your client roster. Make three columns and write in your clients under the appropriate headings:


Start making an exit strategy for your low-vibers. This may take some time. Of course, in most cases, you must honor your current commitments, and saying goodbye to these folks might have to wait until renewal time. Every case will be different, and you can start brainstorming your graceful exit now.

Here’s the MAGIC: When you ditch the Low-Vibe clients, you’ll witness the Medium-Vibe clients rise to High-Vibe status. Why? Because your energy is contributing the mediocre energy of the relationship. When you pledge to only work with high-vibers, your mid-range folks will rise to meet you.

Give it a shot and let me know how great it feels and how lucrative it is to only work with clients that LIGHT YOU UP!

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