#SalesBreakthrough: Peel The Onion

Does this ever happen to you?

You have a sales conversation with an ideal prospect, it goes great, you think you’re about to win the business, and then — crickets. No movement. You didn’t make the sale on the call, and now she’s putting off making the decision to move forward. You’re left struggling with how often and how aggressively to follow up. Sound familiar?

If you have these “slow movers,” I’m willing to bet you’re not wrapping the sales conversation with enough urgency.

Please hear this: People are much more likely to invest in themselves and their businesses when they feel an urgent need to do so.

Thus, as an entrepreneur, it is not only your duty to help them identify the pain points they’re experiencing, but also to help them understand the consequences of their inaction. If they don’t invest in fixing the problem now, what will life or business be like in six months? A year? Are they really willing to risk it?

Now, hold up. Stop.

Let’s pause, because this is generally where I get a little pushback from the people I work with. “Allison, this seems a little manipulative — I don’t want to ‘scare’ people into buying my services.”

I get it. I really do.

But think of it this way: If you truly believe in the work you do — really believe you are a game-changer for your clients — who are you to NOT push prospects a little out of their comfort zones, so they can best understand the impact of the work you do?!

Do you feel me?

Your Challenge This Week:

Peel the onion one more layer.

On your next sales call, do what you always do and listen for the pain points. Where is the prospect feeling stuck or blocked? Where is business falling apart? Where do they need help?

Then, instead of making a note of the pain point and moving on, I want you ask a more probing question, taking the client one layer deeper. Something like:

And what consequences is this having on your business? Or, on your team? Your sales? Your life? Your relationship? Your reputation? Your livelihood?

Wow. You’ve just taken this conversation from surface-level to serious inquiry — and this is where life- and business-changing investments are made.

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