#SalesBreakthrough: Renew With Ease

Speaking at an event recently, I got a great question from an attendee: “What’s the best way to renew clients?” Another attendee chimed in and shared that she often feels like she’s starting from scratch when it’s time to renew a client. How exhausting!

The very best way to ensure your clients will re-sign — and to ensure your renewal process is wrapped with ease — is to keep them actively engaged in giving feedback while you’re working together. Whether you’re selling coaching packages or advertising campaigns, set the expectation with the client from the get-go that you’ll be in consistent communication about results — then follow through on that promise.

Consistently reflecting on successes will remind your client of the sound investment she made in your product or service. It can be easy for clients to focus on what’s not working, so it’s imperative that you take time to highlight the progress being made and celebrate wins.

Further, your client’s needs can change over the course of the time you’re working together. It behooves both of you to continually be checking in on objectives and course-correcting to ensure goals are being met and progress continues to be made.

Above all else, taking time to evaluate results throughout the contract will strengthen your relationship, making it much more likely that the work will continue.

Your Challenge This Week:

Ask for feedback from existing clients. Prepare three questions that can be delivered in an email, over the phone, or via a quick Google form. Here are some suggestions for inspiration (choose the ones that work for your style and business):

  • What are the benefits you’ve experienced so far from our work together?
  • Where do you wish we were spending more time? Less time?
  • Have any new challenges arisen since we started working together?
  • What specifically can I/we do better to support you?
  • Is there anything you’re not getting from my product or service that you were looking for?
  • What’s the most recent example of how I/we have exceeded your expectations? Or not met your expectations?

Pro tip: When you first start working with a client, ask her to rank the urgency of her pain points on a scale of 1-10 — as you evaluate progress, check in on these numbers and see if they’re improving!

And remember: A renewal is a two-way street. Don’t forget to ask yourself, “Is this client still a good fit for me?” If the work still resonates, go for the renewal — if it’s not feeding you and your business, lovingly move on.

I invite you to leave a comment below — let me know what you think.

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