#SalesBreakthrough: Show, Not Tell

Today, I’m sharing one of my top tips for converting your next sales conversation into a client!

Think about your last new client consultation or sales presentation.

How did you share about what you do and the impact you’re having on your clients? What approach did you take to impress upon the prospect the important work you’re doing or valuable product you’re offering?

Key question: Did you tell your audience about what you do, or did you show them?

When nerves hit (as they sometimes do when trying to close new business), the entrepreneurs I work with tend to lean into telling about what they do, spewing out a laundry list of services they offer and the details about how they work with people. Full confession: When I feel caught off guard, I can fall into this trap, too. It sounds something like:

I work with entrepreneurs who are struggling with sales — I meet with clients for half-day sessions or ongoing coaching engagements where we work on everything from prospecting and closing the deal to event sponsorship and monetizing digital platforms.

Are you asleep yet? You should be. HOW BORING!

According to marketing gurus Chip and Dan Heath: “After a presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories. Only 5% remember statistics.” 

Relating this to consultations and sales conversations, this means practically no one is going to remember the nitty gritty details about what you do and how you do it — however, they will remember stories.

Do you have any good stories? Sure you do! You only have to look as far as your testimonials to see that you have compelling, memorable tales about your wildly successful clients. (If you don’t have testimonials yet, start here!)

Your Challenge This Week:

Lean into demonstrating what you do through storytelling.

During your next consultation, fight the urge to jump into your services and how you work with people. Create space to share stories about how you’ve helped people solve similar pain points.

For instance, I may say something like: “Your fear and frustration around negotiating is totally normal. Just last week I worked with a client who wanted to negotiate a higher fee for a speaking engagement, but she didn’t know how to ask for more money and was scared she might sour the relationship and lose the gig. I gave her a step-by-step process to follow, and that very same day, she renegotiated a 30% higher rate!”

Much more compelling, right?

Your turn. I’ve found that the best approach is to have several 3-5 sentence stories at the ready that cover the gamut of pain points your potential clients are likely to have. Craft your stories and practice them so that you can deliver them seamlessly during your consultation.

Here the formula:

Client had X vision, but ran into X pain point — so I did X, and the result was X.

Take a shot writing up a few of these stories, then share with me in the comments!

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