Speaking Done Differently

Whether for entrepreneurs or sales teams, Allison’s talks and workshops go beyond the boring and into the bold. Old-school sales training and presentations don’t serve today’s modern entrepreneurs and salespeople, and Allison’s content is designed to engage and activate the seller within!

Talks Done Differently

The 5 P’s of Imposter Syndrome

Even the most determined, confident professionals can be plagued by feelings of inadequacy. In this signature talk, Allison vulnerably shares her personal struggle with Imposter Syndrome and how she’s learned to quiet the negative voices that threaten her success. Expect relatable storytelling, humor and actionable steps to combat Imposter Syndrome.


Sales Done Differently 

The old way of selling is just that — old. Today’s buyers don’t tolerate pushy, impersonal sales; they crave connection and trust. Perfect for groups of entrepreneurs or sales teams, this funny and energetic talk shares Allison’s experience of coming up as a young salesperson, learning all the wrong ways to sell — and her path to finally understanding what really works. 

Workshops Done Differently

Sales #AskMeAnything

In this highly sought-after session, Allison answers the audience’s most urgent sales questions. This high-vibe, energetic workshop leaves participants feeling exhilarated and inspired, ready to take action with Allison’s expert advice. 


ALIGN: Five Steps To Converting More Consultations Into Clients

Whether selling to individuals or companies, Allison has created a 5-step consultative sales approach to take the guesswork out of hosting powerful sales conversations that convert. Participants are led through each step of the process and given practical and actionable advice that even the most sales-adverse entrepreneur can get behind. Allison’s engaging, empathetic approach leaves the audience excited to have their next sales call!

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