Learn how to attract clients, share your value and close more B2B sales with a system that's as authentic and human as you are.


Does this sound like you? 

As a B2B service provider, you’ve built a business out of passion, and the response has been positive — you
have a proven offering, and the clients you have are outrageously happy with their results.


You’re not closing as much business as you’d like.
You’re sending proposals, but you’re not hearing “yes” as often as you should — and worse,
you’re not sure why. You’ve been incredibly successful in your career, and being “back-burnered” by
clients, or losing out to other service providers, is frustrating.

Your consultations and sales calls don’t ignite action.
You’re having sales conversations that feel energizing, but you suspect you could be
doing more in these calls to uncover bigger opportunities and forge more fulfilling partnerships.

Your proposal and follow-up feels disconnected and left to chance.
You’re being invited to send proposals, but you’re unsure about the best, most strategic ways
to talk about budget and objections. Once you send a proposal, you sometimes get caught in the
“follow-up game,” unsure how to stay engaged with the client and close the sale.

You don’t know how to find clients.
Most of your business has been word-of-mouth or by referral, which is great,
but it’s not enough to reach your big goals. You want to grow, but
you don’t know how to proactively develop business.


You’re not alone — plenty of smart, accomplished small business owners feel the same way.

What’s missing is a system.

Capable, but not confident.
You’ve held your own, but now it’s time to grow, and you need to up your game.

Skeptical about traditional sales tactics.
You lead with your values, and any sales system needs to be fully aligned with your mission.

Determined to find your way.
You’re ready to craft a sales approach that works, and you know you need guidance and expertise to nail it.

That’s why I created the Sales Breakthrough Mastermind 

A high-touch group program for service-based business owners who are ready to turn random acts of sales into consistent revenue-generating systems. 

Specifically, I want you to leave this 12-week program with the tools highly-accomplished small business owners need most:

  • Goal setting and sales planning that moves you from guesswork to strategic action (and that sets you up to scale)
  • Proactive methods to attract your ideal B2B customers using your inherent strengths and existing networks 
  • A framework for leading sales conversations and powerfully pitching your services
  • An approach to leading the proposal process that feels empowering and productive — and that nets better results

12 weeks of high-touch training and support to finally gain the sales skills and strategies you need to move business forward.

Training Modules

Video trainings designed to up your game in every part of the sales process

Weekly Sales Lab

Practice your new skills with a group of your peers and get your burning sales questions answered

1-1 Coaching

Meet with me 6x to customize your new sales system and keep business moving forward (and hit me up via Voxer in between!)

Guest Teachers

Leaders in the fields of Public Speaking, Leadership Development, and Networking

Resource Library

Get my proven templates for prospecting emails, follow-up emails, proposals, one-sheets, speaker sheets and more


More than 50 business owners have been through SBM — connect, network and partner with likeminded leaders

Next cohort begins February 2022. Get on the waitlist to be the first to hear when registration opens!



Because “we” is better than “me.”

When the pandemic hit, it was obvious that my community of business owners needed help — fast. And what better way to move forward than with a group of motivated, supportive peers?

Incredible things happen when accomplished, generous, growth-minded people come together to learn and grow — the needle actually moves.  

Oh, and we have a lot of fun, as well…!


You might be a good fit for the Sales Breakthrough Mastermind if…

  • You’re a service provider selling B2B — past cohort members have included DEI and change management strategists, executive coaches, consultants, creative agency owners, and other business problem-solvers
  • You have a proven offering — you’re not new to business, you just need more clients and a more systematic approach to selling
  • You have a growth mindset — this program is for business owners who are ready to invest the time to see the outcomes they want
If this sounds like you, I invite you for a free call with me to better understand what’s working, what’s not working and whether the
Sales Breakthrough Mastermind is the right fit for you.
Allison Davis

Allison believes predictable revenue is the most exciting opportunity out there for small business owners who are poised for big things. Her company offers sales training and tools that turn random acts of sales into consistent revenue-generating systems so her clients and their teams have the capacity to seek out bigger opportunities and have greater impact in the world.

Allison is a champion for inclusivity, a community builder, and a personal growth enthusiast. She’s a natural storyteller, avid traveler, and a collector of stray animals.

Need more receipts? Ask Allison how she went from selling $75 newspaper ads to winning 6- and 7-figure deals from Fortune 500 companies. She’s got some great stories to tell!

Next cohort begins February 2022. Click the button below to schedule a call.

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