Does this sound like you? 

You’ve built a business out of passion, and the response has been positive — you
have a proven service or offering, and the clients you have are outrageously happy with their results.


You’re not closing as much business as you’d like.
Even though you have an incredible offer and the experience to really make a difference,
you’re hearing “no” more often than you’d like, and you’re not sure where you’re going wrong

Your consultations and sales calls don’t ignite action.
You’re having sales conversations, but rather than guiding the
potential client toward a sale, it feels like you’re just having a nice “get to know you” chat.

Your proposal and follow-up feels disconnected and left to chance.
You’re being invited to send proposals, but you’re unsure if they’re good
enough, and when it comes time to follow up, you feel stumped (especially during a global pandemic). 

You have very little control over the amount of business coming in.
Most of your business has been word-of-mouth or by referral, and when you want to
grow — or when the world gets disrupted — you’re at a loss over where your next client will come from.

You’re not alone — plenty of smart, accomplished entrepreneurs feel the same way.

Out of your comfort zone.
You got into business to serve people and the world, not to do sales.

Nervous and unsure.
You’ve tried different sales approaches in the past that have left you feeling awkward and inept.

Frustrated and exhausted.
You’re working so hard, juggling so much — but you’re still not seeing enough business come in to reach your big goals.

And yet, you also feel…

Excited and hopeful.
You know you have an awesome offering, and despite the challenges, you’re committed to success.

Ain’t nothing gonna hold you back — you’re determined to gain the strategies and skills needed to fulfill your vision.

That’s why I created the Sales Breakthrough Mastermind

A high-touch group program for passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs who are ready to increase revenue with authenticity and impact. It’s a place to massively uplevel your sales skills, get the real-time feedback you need to build business, and gain insight from an engaged group of your peers.

Specifically, I want you to leave this 10-week program with the tools I know highly-accomplished entrepreneurs like you need most:

  • Closing techniques that feel enlightened and aligned, not tone-deaf and aggressive
  • Strategies to attract your ideal customers using your inherent strengths and gifts
  • A framework for leading sales conversations and powerfully pitching your services
  • An understanding of how to own the buying process so it feels like you’re working in partnership with your potential clients — not fumbling in the dark, unsure to how to follow up

We start June 29.

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Because “we” is better than “me.”

When I started my business to coach and train entrepreneurs to bigger sales success, I offered only 1-1 opportunities to work with me. When the pandemic hit, it was obvious that my community needed help — fast.

So I put together weekly Sales Roundtables to bridge the gap of disruption. Week after week, highly-accomplished, passionate entrepreneurs showed up with their hearts on their sleeves, asking questions, sharing their experiences and gaining new skills and strategies to go out and sell. 

It. Was. Magical. 

And as we go forth and build business, I know one thing for sure: We will do so more courageously and successfully if we do it together.

10 weeks of high-touch training and support to finally gain the sales skills and strategies you need to move business forward.

1-1 Sales Coaching

Upon kicking off the mastermind, we’ll meet via Zoom for a deep-dive 1-1 session to assess the health of your sales funnel and understand where you need the most training and support. You’ll receive an additional 1-1 session to be cashed in at any point along the journey (don’t worry, I’ll help you determine the most beneficial timing based on your unique needs and goals).

Weekly Sales Training

We will meet as a group 1x per week via Zoom to learn key skills and strategies at every rung of your sales funnel — from how to proactively attract ideal to customers to handling objections and closing with ease. 

Weekly Roundtables

We will meet again as a group via Zoom to hear directly from you and your peers as you begin to practice your new skills and strategies. Here’s what’s most important about these weekly sessions — you get to bring forth real-time sales questions and challenges, get feedback, and move deals forward with more confidence.

Collateral review

Listen, I’m going to be real with you — your sales collateral likely needs help. In addition to training you on effective sales writing and providing all the templates you could ever need, you will receive a video review of your most important pieces of sales collateral once they’re complete.

Full Resource Library

One of the biggest gifts I can give you is to never start with a blank page ever again. As a journalism major and advice columnist for 7+ years, I know the written word is one of the most powerful tools in your sales toolbox. You’ll receive templates for reach-out emails, follow-up emails, proposals, one-sheets, speaker sheets and sales pages. If there’s a template you need that’s not provided, I’ll make it for you — period. 

Private Community

In addition to sharing with you the most important things I’ve learned over 20 years in sales, you will benefit from hearing the questions, challenges and wins from an impressive group of your peers. I don’t mean to brag, but I tend to attract some pretty amazing people. In addition to our two weekly sessions, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group to ask questions, get feedback and share your experiences.

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The Sales Breakthrough Mastermind kicks off on June 29. We’re moving fast because even as we face disruption, turmoil and economic uncertainty, people still need the good work that you do (maybe even more so).

If you’d like to join me and group of a passionate, established business owners, book a call with me to learn more and determine if this is the best program for you.

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What makes the Sales Breakthrough Mastermind special?


You got it.

When considering the Sales Breakthrough Mastermind, please keep in mind the following details:

  • The Sales Breakthrough Mastermind kicks off the week of June 29
  • We meet twice per week: Mondays at 3pm for 75 minutes for training; Thursdays at 1pm for 50 minutes for Q&A and roundtable discussion — this program is meant to be intensive, holding you lovingly accountable to show up and do the work
  • All sessions will be recorded and housed in Google Drive for your convenience; resources, templates and homework assignments will live here as well
  • In addition to our time together, expect to be doing some work in between sessions, including a brief weekly reflection exercise to promote accountability and progress
  • Upon registering, you will be sent an onboarding questionnaire and invited to schedule your first 1-1 sales coaching session
  • We will kick off our private Facebook group shortly before our first meeting to introduce ourselves and start connecting
  • As just one part of my commitment to equity and inclusion, please know that at least 5% of your tuition will be donated to Black Lives Matter



Allison is a sales coach and trainer who ignites growth in high-performing entrepreneurs and small business owners. With nearly 20 years of sales experience at companies like National Geographic and Gabrielle Bernstein, Inc., Allison has worked with clients like Google, Goldman Sachs and others to pen 6- and 7-figure deals.

Allison now spends her time sharing her down-to-earth, approachable take on sales with her clients, guiding them to greater sales success.

Allison holds a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from St. Michael’s College and a certificate in Organizational and Executive Coaching from New York University. Allison loves learning, travel, plus-size fashion, and hanging out with her partner, Aaron, and their two rescue cats in Brooklyn.


There’s no time like the present.

If you think the Sales Breakthrough Mastermind could be just what you’ve been looking for, let’s have a conversation.

Space is limited, and we begin on June 29, so grab a time now!

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