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To Reach Your Audacious Goals You Need A Plan.

You started a business to ditch the rigidity of corporate life, find greater freedom, and have more impact — but you’ve realized that even the most dedicated business owners, with even the most talented teams, can’t achieve sustainable growth without a plan. 

Visions of increasing revenue by 50%, landing that Fortune 500 client, or creating generational wealth for your family have gone from inspiring to frustrating — and, when it comes to sales, you know that “what got you here won’t get you there.” 

The right sales plan is one that works for you, your team and your prospects. At its core, sales is about creating genuine relationships and making offers that help your clients solve their biggest problems — and doing it in ways that align with your values, support your growing business and deliver impeccable results.

Sales Is In My DNA

You could say I was born to be in sales. As a kid, I watched my dad, mom, and older brothers build a family business by creating relationships with their customers, solving their problems, and operating with honesty and integrity. So, at 22 years old, with a journalism degree in hand, I walked past the newsroom door and headed to the sales department, where I started my sales career selling newspaper advertisements to local Vermont businesses. I’d tool around the state, cold calling on all types of clients, from popular ski mountains to small, local shops. The newspaper I worked for was the underdog — I heard “no” many times and often felt like David battling Goliath — but ultimately, I thrived in the uphill battle, and I knew I’d found my calling.

Little did I know how much this experience would prepare me for my next chapter as a media sales professional in New York, working for national and global platforms like Time Out New York and National Geographic. I went from selling $75 newspaper ads to landing 6- and 7-figure contracts with clients like Google and Goldman Sachs, which might sound like a big leap… 

But you know what? The two really aren’t that different.

High-touch business development is what builds relationships and fills sales pipelines. It’s what allows you to reach more clients, close more deals, and retire while you’re still young enough to enjoy what you worked so hard to create. The difference between selling to small rural businesses and global behemoths? Simply understanding how the sales processes differ (and stepping into the driver’s seat). 

My clients aren’t traditionally-trained sales enthusiasts. They’re founders, consultants, and members of growing teams who want to be part of something greater. They also know that in order to make that happen, they need to implement a system that feels good and will get them where they want to go.

I partner with my clients to become a strategic part of their growth.

They don’t just want sales; they want sales done differently.

These inspiring founders chose to do sales differently, and these are their results!


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