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It's Time To Do Sales Differently

If you’re anything like my clients, you deserve a big round of applause! You’ve built a business out of the passion you have for serving people and creating positive change in the world — and you’ve managed to sell exciting deals based on referrals, word of mouth, and sheer tenacity. Bravo!

However, while you’re wildly proud of what you’ve created, you suspect you could (and should) be doing more to strengthen sales. Perhaps you’d like to have more consistent leads coming in, or propose larger contracts to bigger, more influential companies. Maybe you enjoy sales conversations but don’t quite understand how to parlay them into powerful proposals that close swiftly — instead of dragging on forever or falling apart.

Whatever sales questions you’re holding, I invite you to join me and a stellar group of business owners each month for a virtual Sales Roundtable. We’ll talk about what’s working, what’s not working, and what to do next.

Don’t walk — RUN to the Sales Roundtable! Before attending, I had so much to offer my clients but was only getting “one-and-done” trainings.  I didn’t know how to communicate my value and secure larger projects.

By implementing the skills and strategies I’ve learned at the Sales Roundtable, my sales have increased by at least 30%. I am getting bigger contracts and doing deeper and more impactful work with each client I take on.  

I can’t thank Allison enough for the wisdom and incredible impact she’s had on my business and my confidence, authority, and joy in doing my work!

Rex Wilde (they/them)
TGX+ Inclusion Consultant

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Wednesday, August 14th at 1pm ET

Don’t let sales challenges keep you from growing — instead, join me and a group of fellow founders to tackle what’s not working and move business forward.

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