#SalesBreakthrough Challenge: Where are you stuck?

Maybe it’s the pumpkin spice making an all-too-early return, or the “first day of school” posts showing up in my Facebook feed, but it’s starting to feel like fall — and I can’t wait!

Even though it’s been many years since I’ve been in a classroom, I still savor that back-to-school energy. In the fall, I am motivated to get down to business and make major moves.

To really move the needle, we have to be willing to see where we’re stuck or blocked, and make the necessary improvements and adjustments. The more specific we are, the better.

For example, I was speaking with a new client last week, and I asked him where he was feeling stuck in the sales process. His reply?


After a shared laugh, I assured him that even though he may feel stuck in every facet of the sales process, most sellers and entrepreneurs only get jammed up in one or two areas.

Why is this an important distinction? Because when we don’t know where we’re getting stuck, we can very easily get overwhelmed and give up. We decide we “suck at sales” and continue to throw spaghetti at the wall, hoping something we do will earn us new clients and revenue.

In preparation for fall, this week’s sales challenge invites you to get really clear on what’s not working — so that you can laser focus on improving these areas and growing your business this season.

Your Challenge This Week:

Understand where you’re jammed.

Typically, the people I work with are facing challenges with one or more of the following areas of the sales cycle. Read through these and make a note of where you’re having difficulty.

>> Filling the pipeline — the networking and prospecting required to have a steady stream of new potential clients entering your world

>> Nurturing — follow-ups and strategies that lead prospects to a sales conversation or point of purchase

>> Sales conversations — helping prospective clients identify the gap between where they are and where they want to be, and illustrating how your offerings are the solution (you may refer to these conversations as consultations, exploratory calls or discovery sessions)

>> Closing the sale — stepping into your power and confidently asking for the business; knowing your worth and unapologetically offering your services with authenticity and care

Once you’ve identified where you’re getting tripped up in the sales process, it’s time commit to busting through these blocks once and for all.

As a next step, I encourage you to leave a comment about where you’re stuck — call it out so you can get support from me and the community. 

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