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These inspiring founders chose to do sales differently, and these are their results!

“In the 12 months since starting to work with Allison, we’ve experienced our greatest period of revenue growth as a company: 30% YOY.

Through Allison’s coaching, I was personally able to upsell a long-standing client into a new engagement that I otherwise would have left on the table. Allison helped me see the potential for the deal and gave me the approach and language I needed to close it.

Allison makes taking the sales actions you know you should be taking feel easier and more attainable.”

Erica Seldin
Co-Founder, August Public

“Allison has been a gamechanger for my business. I spent almost two years struggling with how to generate demand and get prospects who actually follow through, and even longer trying to find the right sales cycle that would meet my ideal clients’ needs. With her strategies, training and on-demand support, my business looks totally different and is actually successful. I could not recommend her more!”

Vonetta Young
Founder, VY Advisors

Vonetta Young Headshot

“The first time we worked with Allison, we increased sales by 150%. The second time we brought her in, I got the entire team involved, and we doubled our revenue. You’ll find no better champion, no better ally, than Allison.”

Eduardo Placer
Founder, Fearless Communicators

"Working with Allison is far and away the best use of money I've ever spent."

Susan Boles
Virtual CFO & Operations Advisor, ScaleSpark

“Allison is the Sales Strategy Whisperer!”

Jaime Klein
CEO, Inspire HR

“Since working with Allison, my level of confidence with sales has transformed.”

Elki Camacho
Principal and CEO Elki Consulting Group

“Working with Allison, we were able to solidify our sales pipeline and process, as well as the messaging that we share with our potential clients — and we saw immediate results, increasing sales by 38%.”

Dr. Steve Yacovelli
Owner & Principal, TopDog Learning Group

"In the 12 months since starting to work with Allison, we’ve experienced our greatest period of revenue growth: 30% YOY."

Erica Seldin
Co-Founder, August Public

“I call Allison the ‘Sales Strategy Whisperer!’ I brought Allison in when it was time to further operationalize our sales process to suit our growth. She helped us envision the future, then plan backwards with solid strategy and support to communicate our value and grow client relationships — all while leading with heart and creativity.”

Jaime Klein
CEO, Inspire HR

Jamie Klein Headshot

“Working with Allison was one of the best investments I made in my business. After only a few weeks working together, I could feel my approach to sales start to shift — I felt so much more organized around business development, including outreach, how I interact with potential clients, and follow-ups. The work I did with Allison has brought a sense of calm to the process and has allowed me to be a lot more centered on what my clients really need from me.”

Michelle Bogan
Founder & CEO, Equity At Work

Michelle Bogan Headshot

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