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5 Keys to Founder-led Sales Success

If you suspect it’s time for a sales uplevel, grab my guide, 5 Keys to Founder-led Sales Success, to start evaluating what’s working, what’s not working and what to do next. Based on my 20 years of sales experience, I’ll help you focus on the improvements that will have the most impact.

From Scrappy Sales to Strategic Growth

As a founder you’ve built a successful business on sheer tenacity, referrals and delivering world-class services. While you’re wildly proud of what you’ve created, you suspect you could (and should) be doing more to strengthen sales. After all, the only thing standing between you and your big goals is the ability to drive revenue. 

But where to start? You and your team are subject-matter experts — not salespeople. You need a trusted partner to help you build upon your strengths and craft an approach to sales that both drives revenue and aligns with your values.

The right support at the right time.

You need sales leadership, but you’re not yet ready to hire a Head of Sales. I create bespoke sales plans to improve your strategy and provide training to show you and your team how to implement a repeatable, human-centered process.

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Strategies For Long-term Success

When you’re not in the driver’s seat with revenue, it’s difficult to make the smart decisions and timely investments necessary for sustainable growth. Creating a repeatable sales process that closes business and aligns with your values is a mission-critical next step.


I’ll help you shift your mindset from transactional to transformational, allowing you to identify bigger opportunities to help your clients and increase your ability to make an impact. Coupled with tried and true sales strategies, this shift allows you to not only increase revenue but also understand how to forecast it, so you can plan for the future.

A Human-centered Approach

Sales for high-touch, high-impact services like yours runs on relationships, not algorithms. While data is important, relationships will always be at the center of your sales process — and I happen to think they should be genuine. A great sales experience builds trust and shows prospects exactly what it will be like to work with you — which is why I empower my clients to be 100% themselves in the sales process. I will always encourage you to lean into curiosity, integrity and empathy, every step of the way.

A Positive and Supportive Collaboration

My clients are awesome and inspiring. They’re changing how business is done and impacting lives in huge ways. If you’re doing good work in the world, my intention is to be the fan to your flame — working with me, you’re guaranteed to have a partner as committed to your success as you are.  


I’m excited to create the sales runway you need to have even greater influence, solve even bigger problems, and serve in ways that make you proud.

These inspiring founders chose to do sales differently, and these are their results!


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