Are you focused on the right thing, at the right time, to grow your business?

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Do you ever wonder whether the work you’re doing to generate leads and grow your business is actually the right approach? Do you ever worry that you’re not focusing on the right business development tactics?

If so, keep reading!

I recently got to attend a gathering of smart, successful founders who meet quarterly to talk about business-to-business growth strategies. While they all run different types of service-based businesses, they all had one goal in common: Get more clients.

As each founder took a turn sharing their latest business-building approach, it was hard not to be impressed by all they were accomplishing. One was launching a podcast, another was writing a book, yet another was just quoted in the Harvard Business Review, and several were creating digital courses.

However, as I listened to their updates, a feeling of worry washed over me.

Sure, getting quoted in a major publication is exciting, and being a podcast host is a cool thing to add to your resume — but would any of these tactics lead to signing new contracts?

Before you peg me as a pessimistic “Debbie Downer,” let me share something with you:

Did you know that most podcasts don’t generate new high-ticket B2B leads? (Well, okay, maybe if you’re Brene Brown — but not for most of us!) Rather, hosting a relevant, well-produced podcast can help you close deals already in your pipeline by instilling confidence and excitement in your buyers.

So, is launching a podcast a good idea to build your B2B business? The answer: It depends.

If you’re brimming with leads but having a hard time closing business, a podcast can help bring deals over the finish line (as well as media mentions, books, and other thought leadership vehicles).

But if your #1 goal is to generate new leads, I would never advise you to bet on podcasting.

My dear friend and business designer, Michelle Warner, puts it this way: Sequence over strategy.

All of the strategies these founders shared were smart — but are they deploying them in the right sequence? To build business, the tactics you’re using must be the right ones, at the right time, for the right reasons.

That’s what this month’s Sales Roundtable is all about. On Wednesday, Aug. 17, at 1pm ET, I’m bringing a few of my clients and colleagues to the Roundtable to help answer your business-building queries:

Should I…

  • Launch a podcast
  • Create a digital course
  • Post reels on Instagram
  • Productize my offers
  • Cold call
  • Hire a PR firm

…and the list goes on. 

Ready to start focusing on the right things to grow your business? Register for the Sales Roundtable right here.

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