Sales Done Differently: Discovery & Proposals

A 3-day sales training experience to expertly connect with clients, uncover bigger opportunities, send winning proposals and close more business.


Step Into More Confidence & Contracts

You started your business because you’re a subject-matter expert with the know-how to help the companies you serve. You took a leap of faith to leave your corporate job and hang your own shingle — and so far, it’s going pretty well! Your network is supplying you with connections and leads that have translated to business, you’ve signed some exciting contracts, and your clients are thrilled with the results. 

Basically, you’re crushin’ it! However, there’s just one problem.
To reach your audacious goals, you must improve one key area: Sales.

Can you relate?

When it comes to sales, you’ve had some wins, but you’re also facing confounding challenges that you don’t feel fully equipped to navigate:

  • You’re not closing as much business as you’d like
  • You race to craft stellar proposals for your prospects, but then they take weeks to get back to you (or worse, they ghost you completely)
  • Your sales conversations don’t have an intentional flow — you’re winging it, and you suspect it’s hurting your results
  • Your prospects seem to think your prices are “too high”
  • You know you’re the right person to help the client, and yet they come back with a “no” (and not a lot of feedback as to why)

Here’s the good news: These problems are fixable!

You're Invited To Sales Done Differently: Discovery & Proposals

A 3-day, 6-session sales training to expertly connect with clients, uncover bigger opportunities, send winning proposals and close more business.

Dates: June 14, 15 & 16, 2022
Daily sessions: 11-12:30pm & 1pm-2:30pm ET

Let's do this.

You’re a subject-matter expert — not a salesperson. To make your next leap in business, you need a framework for hosting powerful sales conversations that ignite action — and a tried and true method to deliver proposals that land.

In this sales training intensive, you’ll learn the sales process and methods I used to sell 6- and 7-figure deals to Fortune 500 and fast-growing companies. With my human-centered approach, my clients have sold millions in services to ideal companies — while leading with empathy, integrity and service.

Sales Done Differently: Discovery & Proposals is a 3-day, 6-session sales training intensive designed to meet you where you are and take you to the next level with the following skills:

Sounds good, but I need more details…

The Schedule

This sales training intensive features 6 sessions over 3 days, plus a bonus Q&A session:

Tuesday, June 14
Session 1: 11am-12:30pm ET
Session 2: 1pm-2:30pm ET

Wednesday, June 15
Session 3: 11am-12:30pm ET
Session 4: 1pm-2:30pm ET

Thursday, June 16
Session 5: 11am-12:30pm ET
Session 6: 1pm-2:30pm ET

Week of June 27
Q&A Session: Time TBD based on majority availability

Session 1: Your Sales Process

Spoiler alert: You do have a sales process. The question is whether or not it’s supporting your goals. We’ll spend our first session getting acquainted while helping you understand your current state — and what’s possible when you design an intentional sales process and learn the skills you need to lead it. You’ll be invited to consider how you’re showing up in your sales process — as a consultative partner or order-taking vendor. From wherever you’re starting, we’ll outline a better approach and fill in the skills gaps that exist. 

Session 2: The A.L.I.G.N. Method

In this session, I’ll introduce you to my 5-step A.L.I.G.N. Method for hosting sales conversations that convert. Over the course of our time together, we’ll fill in all the steps with your unique and targeted ways of asking questions, uncovering the real pain points, showcasing your value and confidently moving into the proposal process. At the conclusion of the training, you’ll have a customized call outline, ready to guide you during your next sales conversation.   

Plus, during this first session, we’ll examine how you’re leading the first 20 minutes of your sales conversations. Did you know that these first minutes can be the most influential in terms of the potential size and scope of your deal? I’ll help you confidently kick off meetings and ask the right questions that set you up for success. 

Session 3: Ditch the Pitch

Let’s be real: You hate “pitching,” and your clients don’t want to be “sold.” I’ll show you my methods for showcasing your value while inspiring clients to action — without manufacturing urgency or other manipulation tactics (yuck). Instead of pitching, you’ll be leaning into a cadence of authentic storytelling and value-based conversation that supports your clients in connecting the dots between their needs and your offers. Plus, I’ll teach you how to talk about budgets and investment levels earlier and more confidentally, helping you avoid monumental pitfalls later in the sales process. 

Session 4: Feedback & Objections

Did you know raising objections is a natural part of decision making for most clients? In this session, my goal is to make you fall in love with objections — in fact, by the time we’re done, you’ll be begging your potential clients for critical feedback! I’ll show you how to proactively reveal your ideal clients’ objections early and often in the sales process, so that you can focus on scoping the most beneficial work (and command your premium rates).

Session 5: The Proposal Process

Getting the runaround after you send proposals? Feeling stuck in a constant loop of following up and wondering about the status of your proposals? As a business owner, you can’t afford this type of inefficiency and stress — you deserve to feel more calm, confident and in command when sending proposals. 

If you’re experiencing “clunkiness” in your proposal process, I can almost guarantee you one thing: You’re sending proposals too soon, without the critical information you need to make your pitch more powerful and plausible. In this session, I’ll show you how to get the 4 pieces of information you must have before shipping a proposal, and I’ll make it easy with my Keep T.A.B.S. framework — you’ll leave this session with an outline to test on your next sales call.

Plus, I’ll share the one step you can add to your B2B sales process that will make all the difference in winning contracts. Seriously, this is the Holy Grail if you’re selling B2B. 

Session 6: Winning Proposals

I’ll share what founders are getting right and wrong in their proposals, and we’ll take time to evaluate what you’re shipping. Plus you’ll gain access to my 6-step Proposal Canvas, ensuring you’ll be crafting the best, most persuasive proposals that will put you ahead of the pack in any competitive sales environment.

Bonus Session: Q&A

This training is packed with value, and I want the learning to stick! Two weeks after the live training, I’ll host a 60-minute Q&A session, giving you a chance to try on your new strategies and skills, then get answers to any questions that arise.  

Tools To Take With You

In addition to the skills and strategies you’ll learn during the live sessions, it’s important to me that you carry the learning forward. With that in mind, you’ll be leaving the training with three specific tools to support you in your sales process going forward. 

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